Monday, June 16, 2008

Dragon Lady Strikes Again

Today was a normal day in the fact that I had a chance to play with the Dragon Lady some more. She calls me early this morning irate as can be, at first it is difficult to even understand what she is babbling about, the only words I could clearly make out were "MY OFFICE NOW!!!"

As I arrived I was led into her conference room where I waited for 15 minutes before she walks in and starts to tell me how screwed up a job my painters had done on one of her properties. Since I have not actually seen the paint job at this time I just nod , apologize and agree to go straight out and fix whatever is wrong. I pick up a key to the property as I listen to her rant for the next 10 minutes about how bad the job was. When I exit the building I am really in a bad mood, I rush over to another job site, grab my lead painter and inform him he will be going with me to view this property.

As I pull into the drive, my lead painter looks at me and asks if we are there to give an estimate. I start to explain to him we are there to fix whatever his crew did wrong when he informs me that we have never been to this property before, we had worked on a home about a block away but not this particular one. Not knowing if he is right or wrong I return to my desk and pull up all work orders for that street only to find out I had taken an ass chewing for a paint job not even performed by my workers.

I return to see the Dragon Lady

Dragon Lady - That was fast, are your painters fixing it?

Me -Nope

Dragon Lady - Well when do you think you will get them in there to fix it?

Me - As soon as we negotiate price

Dragon Lady - I'm not gonna pay you to fix what should have been done right the first time

Me - I agree, it should have been done right the first time

Dragon Lady- (starting to scream)I WANT IT FIXED TODAY!

Me- and I can have it fixed soon as we negotiate a price

Dragon Lady - I'm not negotiating

Me - Fine, I'll go fishing!

Dragon Lady - well you won't be paid for that job

Me- thats cool, didn't expect to be

Dragon Lady - oh, are you saying I would cheat you?

Me- Nope

Dragon Lady - then what are you saying?, you're not making any sense now

Me- I'm going to break it down for you, we did not paint that property the first time so we will not fix someone else's screw up for free

Dragon Lady - Wait Right Here!!! (rushes out to her computer)

Dragon Lady's Assistant returned a few minutes later doing her best to stifle laughter - Dragon Lady said to let you know you're right and there is no need for you to wait around.

So....I didn't get an apology for the previous ass chewing or for the time wasted / gas burned but all in all I feel as if it was worth it somehow.



What an awful woman! I love how you handled it!! Good for you!

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

Great how you dampen her fire.

pizzatherapy said...

Nice job...

You: 10

Dragon Lady: 0

Keep up the good work!

albert grande

Miguel Wickert said...

Excellent job, hang in there! All the best!

Ria said...

Oh my, I feel for you!!! Really I do... I dunno why we have these kinds of people walking the face of the earth. Hahahaha. If I were your boss, I'd promote you, nah...I'd give my post to you! Nice!!!

Sandra said...

It is better to slay a dragon with courtesy and a smile than with fire.