Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Un-Art of Procrastination

Un-Art...Is that even a word? Who Cares? Lets talk about procrastination. We have all been guilty of it from time to time and I am sure we have all learned along the way it will get us nowhere. I personally know people that are going to start their own business...when they get around to it. Others are going to fix their spouses car...when they get around to it...Still more are going to start saving an emergency fund...when they get around to it. Do we see where this is going? Nowhere fast!

Procrastination is a very easy habit to slip into and a very hard habit to break but it can be broken, you simply have to decide to no longer look for excuses as to why you can't go do something and instead focus on the reasons why you should do something. If the end result is appealing to you, quit worrying about why you shouldn't do something now and just do it already. You will reach your goal quicker than if you do nothing.

Remember: Tomorrow never comes...Yesterday never was...Today always is! Seize the Day!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ryan Wins It

Anyone that watched the reality t.v. show "Money and the Power" should already know that Ryan Mayberry walked away with the $100,000 prize and a chance to turn his dream into a reality. First, I would like to wish Ryan and all the best, the idea works in theory, now go make it happen.

I think after watching the episode, Ryan pretty much summed up the entrepreneur spirit with the words "There is no plan B". A true entrepreneur will realize early on that it is ok to hear the word no, it is not ok to accept that as a final answer. Whether you endeavor to build an online empire or something more tangible such as a brick and mortar store, you are the only one that can make or break your dream.

Failure is never considered an option in the eyes of a true entrepreneur and while he or she may adjust their business plan along the way, they will learn to roll with the punches and know that the difference between being successful and being a failure is just the ability to get up one more time than you get knocked down.

Congrats again to Ryan.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Business Branding

For anyone that has never heard of Business Branding I will attempt to explain. Business Branding is nothing more than building an image that is immediately thought of whenever people see your logo, hear your slogan, or even just hear your business name.

If I were to say "Clean as a Whistle" who would not conjure up the name Irish Spring to go with it?

After spending the last 2 years growing my client base I am spending more time this year on branding my business which is not always an easy task. I want my customers as well as others to have total confidence in my business being able to deliver quality services at low prices every time. While I have not come up with a great slogan I do have my custom designed logo and will be soon requiring all of my employees to wear shirts sporting it as well as the company phone number.

I have plans to redesign my company website as well as seek outside help to come up with a slogan suitable for success.

I also welcome any other ideas my readers may have used to help brand their own businesses.

If done right, Business Branding can really pay off however one should also remember that a brand, like a companies reputation can be destroyed fast, if
anyone doubts that just ask Micheal Vick.

Off to a Good Start

As of right now, 2009 is off to a good start business wise. I have been slammed with work and the recession is showing no sign of hindering my business at all. Through nothing more than luck I have also acquired a second business complete with client base, contracts, and potential contracts in the works. This has kept me jumping to stay on top of things so neither business suffers, all clients are kept happy, and the profits continue to roll in.

To say that it hasn't taken a lot of hard work, drive and dedication to make it this far would be a flat out lie. I can remember the days when the business was first started that my business partner and myself wondered if any of it was worth it. Just building an initial client base was probably the hardest thing either of us had ever attempted. Now as I move into the third year in business I can look back at mistakes that were made and know that with every mistake came knowledge that helped me get to where I am now.

To new business owners I offer this bit of advice: Believe in yourself and whenever anyone tells you that something can't be done or that you will fail, use that to fuel your desire to succeed. Only you can kill your dream but, on the same token, only you can make your dream a reality.

Success does not come to you, you go to it!