Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just 2 More Clicks

These last few weeks have really been bad for business, it looks like this month will show a profit of less than half of what a week would have brought in last month. For the first time ever I actually considered closing the business and getting a (gasp) real job but then I remembered something from my days in the Marines. We would be doing a forced march and some new Marine would inevitably start cramping up and be ready to drop out. We would simple encourage him to continue with the words "it's just 2 more clicks (kilometers) Marine, you can make it" Nobody wanted to give up so close to the finish so he would reach down inside and pull out strength from no place to continue marching what would more than likely be a lot further than 2 more clicks.I once watched a Marine cover 24 miles of ground 2 clicks at a time, with a broken ankle.

This is like that, I can't see the end of bad days ahead yet I know I can make it another 2 clicks so that's what I will do, I will continue to push forward 2 clicks at a time until I reach the end of troubled times.

1 comment:

Mohamed Taher said...

Wish you best of both the worlds. Keep up the good spirits.
The business cycles always go up and go down. There is nothing new in this.
Peace, MT