Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where Does It End?

Sitting here remembering the hard early days of my company I am faced with the realization that I made it. I built something out of nothing and of that I am extremely proud. However those same thoughts also produce the question Is this as far as I want to go?

From the early days of banging on doors, looking for clients, and very often getting those same doors slammed in my face to having a city on lock down to the point that very little gets done there that involves my line of work that my company name isn't attached to. Many would say that I am successful and in some aspects they would be correct. Me , I look at all I have built, I see it for what it is. It is an every expanding empire with very humble beginnings. I can now rest on my laurels and be satisfied with it or I can choose to view it as just the beginning. I choose the latter.

Yesterday is gone never to return so I while I have celebrated yesterdays success I will not quit pushing forward. Where this ends I don't know but I do know that where there is determination and a dream, anything is possible and we are only limited in what we can do by our own minds.

Eminem-Welcome To Detroit City