Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking Into Expanding My Business

Driving through Norfolk the other day I came to a realization that three years ago I couldn't seem to get my foot in the door at any of the offices I wanted to provide services for; Now just three years later, not much is done in this city that I don't have my business name attached to. I knocked on a lot of doors and got turned down every way possible before I ever got my first client but I never gave up, that just wasn't an option. Today I can be proud of what I have built...Still it isn't enough.

I live in an area known as the 7 cities due to the close proximity of 7 fairly large cities and my company currently provides service to 6 of the cities. The last city has been all but impossible to touch so I had just given up on it, that time has now passed and starting on Monday I will begin targeting that city hard with marketing knowing my business now has a solid reputation to lead my attack.

The time to expand is now!

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Fetra said...

artikel yang berguna nih, mampir di blog ku ya di sapa tahu bisa nemuin sesuatu.....keep on blogging!