Friday, April 3, 2009

Naming Your Business

Whats in a name?If you were to believe Shakespeare, a name has very little to do with anything but he did not live in modern times where a business name must not only tell your customer what it is you offer but also has to be memorable.

The right name can help open doors for a new company that ordinarily would be closed. It can be a major factor when it comes time to brand your business. The easier it is to identify your business name, business logo and business slogan with what it is your company offers, the greater your chance of survival and in today's recession, survival is not an option for many people embarking on their entrepreneur journey that they hope will lead to financial stability.

With business booming at my first company I am now heading the launch of another and to be quite honest, the right name just has not come to me yet. I have the finances, the research and a solid plan of action as well as the connections to almost guarantee success however until the right name presents itself, I will not move forward.


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