Saturday, May 10, 2008

Successful Men That Didn't Complete College: Part 3

The list could not continue without the mention of this next group of individuals that not only did not complete college, but are not even men, thus fortifying my belief that anyone, with enough drive and determination, can become a success. Success is not confined to a certain race, religion, or sex anymore that it is confined to a college degree.

Rachel Ray, famous food network chef, has taken the culinary art to the next level, all without college.

Debbi Fields started Mrs. Fields Cookies at the age of 20. Until then she had been a housewife with no business experience at all. She now owns one of the most successful cookie companies.

Mary Kay Ash, has not only become very famous worldwide herself from her own brand of cosmetics, she has also allowed nearly a half a million women to follow in her footsteps and start their own Mary Kay franchises.

To sum up this 3 part post, I would like the reader to remember that life is about choices we make, we can choose not to try and nothing will change. We can choose to try, and things may change, or we can follow the examples that others have set before us and replace the word "try" in our vocabulary with the word "do".


John Painz said...

Great post, very inspiring!

pizzatherapy said...

I guess if you want to be socially correct, the post should be titled:
Successful People Who Didn't Complete College..."

Growing up, my parents beat into us: "You're going to college, you're going to college..."
In all honestly, I'm glad I listened to them. College opened up doors to opportunity that allowed me to have more choices.
As someone who teaches high school students, I always give them the same advice.

While not essential to be a success, education, in any form, will always open doors of opportunity. Even if it helps you to figure out what you don't want to do...
Internet Marketing, Pizza and Rock and Roll

The Minimalist said...

Rachel Ray is pretty overexposed, but her rise to fame is quite amazing!

cathara said...

oohh! theres really part 3! that only shows that women rules as well.

ps. i like to listen to your advice instead ;-) just do it! like nike ;-)


Regina said...

Thanks! I'm glad that you added some women to your list!
Have a great day!

Jack Payne said...

Always like to see this kind of post. They are inspiring. I note you haven't included George Peterson. After flunking out of dental school he went on to found the Institute of Consulting Marketing Engineers, and is now a consultant in the Donald Trump league of $100,000,000, plus, real estate devellopments.