Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Un-Art of Procrastination

Un-Art...Is that even a word? Who Cares? Lets talk about procrastination. We have all been guilty of it from time to time and I am sure we have all learned along the way it will get us nowhere. I personally know people that are going to start their own business...when they get around to it. Others are going to fix their spouses car...when they get around to it...Still more are going to start saving an emergency fund...when they get around to it. Do we see where this is going? Nowhere fast!

Procrastination is a very easy habit to slip into and a very hard habit to break but it can be broken, you simply have to decide to no longer look for excuses as to why you can't go do something and instead focus on the reasons why you should do something. If the end result is appealing to you, quit worrying about why you shouldn't do something now and just do it already. You will reach your goal quicker than if you do nothing.

Remember: Tomorrow never comes...Yesterday never was...Today always is! Seize the Day!

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