Monday, January 12, 2009

Business Branding

For anyone that has never heard of Business Branding I will attempt to explain. Business Branding is nothing more than building an image that is immediately thought of whenever people see your logo, hear your slogan, or even just hear your business name.

If I were to say "Clean as a Whistle" who would not conjure up the name Irish Spring to go with it?

After spending the last 2 years growing my client base I am spending more time this year on branding my business which is not always an easy task. I want my customers as well as others to have total confidence in my business being able to deliver quality services at low prices every time. While I have not come up with a great slogan I do have my custom designed logo and will be soon requiring all of my employees to wear shirts sporting it as well as the company phone number.

I have plans to redesign my company website as well as seek outside help to come up with a slogan suitable for success.

I also welcome any other ideas my readers may have used to help brand their own businesses.

If done right, Business Branding can really pay off however one should also remember that a brand, like a companies reputation can be destroyed fast, if
anyone doubts that just ask Micheal Vick.

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