Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Minds Think Alike - Tips on Building Your Dream Team

"Great minds think alike"...We have all heard these words but how exactly do they pertain to business?

In the business world it is very important to surround yourself with like minded individuals, what good is a plan if the people working for you do not understand it enough to see the big picture? If you have built your business with a solid foundation of people that can not only see the bigger picture but are also as hungry as you are for success, your odds of survival increase drastically.

The hiring process is where building that strong foundation starts. Not every person you know will be cut out to be a part of your team and recognizing this early in is key. If you hire anyone and everyone that needs a job, you will get what you pay for. Seek out qualified people to work for you just as you would seek out a qualified doctor to heal you.

Positive energy creates positive results, unfortunately anyone can fake positive energy for a 30 minute job interview. As a business owner you must learn to recognize when that 30 minutes is up and must also learn how to cut the slackers from your team before they infect not only your other workers but your clients as well.

Listen to your employees ideas on how to better the business, if you don't feel as if they are capable of coming up with some really great ideas, perhaps their 30 minutes have already expired because you just can't fix stupid.

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