Monday, February 16, 2009

Quit Wasting Money On E-Books

Awhile back, I posted a list of Successful Men That Didn't Complete College and I had hoped it would inspire many of my readers to chase their dreams and to realize that anything in life is possible if you believe in yourself and your idea,vision,whatever you decide to call it.

Watching my own small business grow larger each day has been great and I still have no college degree. That is not to say that I don't believe in education. Knowledge truly is power, I just choose to get my knowledge from books and real world experience. I am not talking about those make $10,000 a day by doing nothing ebooks that are always for sale, as long as you beat the deadline, either.

I choose to read the books written by the men that can truly inspire you to success and do not promise you anything but hard work and the knowledge that it can be done.These books can be bought at any bookstore or found in most any library so there also is no $49.95 fee associated with them either. That money is best used for your business.

Some Books I recommend are below:

Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson (or any book by him for that matter)
Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
Way to the Top - Donald Trump


onerani said...
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Rocco said...

I prefer ebooks because I want to bring it all the time and stored in my mobile device.

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