Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Debt Free Life

I have a very good friend that has just entered debt free status after 6 long years of working on it.

First, congrats go out to her, I knew she could do it. For others still struggling to reach that point, I want to send out encouragement, it isn't always easy to do and for some people it is harder since we don't all have the same bills however with the right amount of time and discipline, Anything Is Possible.

To anyone just starting on the journey towards being debt free, know it can be done, even in today's recession. You just have to set your goal and stay focused.There will be set backs along the way, that's just life happening. Don't allow a set back to make you give up. In need of more encouragement? There are a ton of blogs dedicated to this very niche, just remember the best ones are the ones you don't have to buy information from (usually in the form of an over-priced E-book).

If you are on your way to being debt free or have already reached your goal, please feel free to drop a comment sharing your story or a link to it.