Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Education In America Sucks!

If I had to speak on education in America I would call it mediocre at best. Sure, school taught me to read and write, add and subtract. It also taught me how to follow a structured societies rules and regulations to the point of changing classes when a bell rang. In this sense school in America prepares us all for corporate America and working a 9-5 job.

Continued education is not much better, it teaches college kids to do well and be competitive so that they can take their degrees and move into better paying jobs with fortune 500 companies but still how to become a slave to the system.

School does not foster free thinking that is a necessity in the entrepreneur world, it merely teaches our students to all think alike and the person with the most correct answers in the test of life will get the better paying jobs.

As an entrepreneur, I find that I think outside the box and this works for me as I am happier creating my own goals and dreams than in following those set before me by society as being what I can achieve given my high school diploma and average grades I attained during high school (I partied a lot, sue me).

When I first tasted success as a business man I used to wonder when business would top out, according to society and school standards I am not supposed to be doing this well or earning this much money. I have since learned the answer to that, contrary to what I learned in school, I control what I can achieve, I set my own limits and I do not see an end to what I can accomplish.

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