Saturday, March 28, 2009

Women Roles In Entrepreneurship

Remember when being a nurse was primarily a females job? Now male nurses are in every hospital in the U.S.A. and just as gender roles have changed in that as well as many other occupations, being an entrepreneur was bound to follow suit.

Many of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs in today's society are women which goes to prove that a persons limitations are only defined by that persons drive to succeed. I personally know a female that is owner of no less than five very successful businesses.

I believe that as this economy worsens we will begin to see many more women owned businesses popping up as the need to create income from nothing continues to become a major factor in many American homes. There may soon come a day when you find yourself working for a business that is female owned just as the U.S.A is now for the first time in history run by a mulatto president. Not all will succeed but those that do will usher in a new era where women are no longer considered to be the weaker gender.

As women once entered the workforce and now dominate it, male run companies had better step their game up and learn to compete in a world where women will no longer belong in the kitchen and no longer accept that as their role in life.

Welcome to the 21st century, America.

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