Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Business Plan

Recent changes are forcing me to once again rework my business plan which is fine as I have mentioned in earlier posts about how a business plan should be flexible and not set in stone. In the last 2 years I have had to constantly reevaluate where my business is at so that I can better guide it's growth towards my overall goal.

This has not always been easy as I have seen both the ups and the downs. I have seen times when I thought things were bad enough to just close down and other times,like now, when it seems as if there is an overabundance of work. As an entrepreneur I try not to get so focused on one plan that I allow an opportunity to pass me by and if you view your business plan as anything but flexible, you can get tunnel vision to the point of not recognizing what is the best path to take towards your goal.

I still have my personal goals written down and I view them daily to remind myself where I want to be.This keeps them fresh in my mind and also allows me to guage progress. When necessary, I add to those goals.

Remember small business owners; for growth there must be change so keep your business plan as flexible as necessary