Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Does Your Past Define You?

How often have we watched as famous and wealthy Americans did things so asinine it left us scratching our heads thinking where their brains could have possibly been. From Michael Vick to Martha Stewart. I often wonder is it possible that you can get so comfortable that you think you're untouchable?

That has been one of my biggest challenges when running my business, not with myself, I know everything I have could disappear overnight, but with finding and keeping people around me that are as hungry as I am. It really makes me mad to see someone with a ton of potential throw it all away because they can not see the big picture.

I try to pass on wisdom when I can to my employees even though I know most are so limited by what society has taught them they can do, they will never go anyplace and as they stay in their respective places, chosen so long ago when they were taught to get a job, work until you're old and retire on Social Security, I constantly strive for more. I may have been born poor but I refuse to simply settle into the position society has chosen for me.I urge every reader to do 3 things if you really want to make it in business.

1. Always strive to be greater today than you were yesterday

2. Never forget where you came from and unless you want to return there... you better follow #1.

3. Never let your past define your future

Now I am headed out to the job site, just wanted to leave the readers with some things to think about.

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