Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Success Should Not Come Easy

Someone once said that "Success is getting up one time more than you are knocked down!"

Reading those words, I know they go hand and hand with business. This year started fairly well with all of my goals (for the year) being met the first quarter which now that I look back was really a bad thing, it forced me to re-evaluate how high I had set my goals, or perhaps how low would have been a better way to describe things. When I strived to double my business, it quadrupled with little to no effort which in turn caused me to start believing I could not lose. Everything I touched was turning to gold or green (the color of money) as the case was.

When things come too easy for us we often don't appreciate them as if we had struggled for the same level of success.As things got better and better for the business, I became more and more unprepared for a decline in the economy. When business began to face problems with not only over demanding customers but also under performing workers, I was not prepared to make the best decisions so I hesitated hoping things could be fixed with minimal effort.

Things began to get worse to the point I dreaded waking up. I just wanted to either go to sleep until things improved or just not do anything and allow the collapse. This feeling of hopelessness was severe until I pulled my head out my ass and took a look at things more closely, as bad as things were, I had still accomplished all my goals for the year. I began to realize that this could all be turned around. I fired customers and workers alike, removing all that brought me stress. Breaking my company down to the very basics, I set new goals and quit taking excuses from workers as to why they weren't being met.

I now operate on a smaller yet more productive scale with a lot more hands on at the job sites and will continue to do so for as long as it takes. I feel the hunger again that I first felt when I opened my business. My stress level is down and my business is up. This may not be a bad year after all.

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