Friday, July 25, 2008

An Extortion Attempt

It is now 10:55 pm and I just got off the phone with one of my workers husbands. This man calls me, he is drunk as can be and attempts to extort money from me by threatening that if I don't comply, his wife won't be working tomorrow. She is scheduled to work and it's just about too late for me to schedule anyone else in her place and he knows this.

Guess I'm working tomorrow until I can find her replacement. I will not be extorted!


The Small Biz. Guru said...

Um, well, will she still have a job?

Don't you just love management life? I've had clients threaten me before...

~the GURU

SBA said...

You do have the most interesting clients (Dragon Lady) and workers! However, you know how to handle the situations. I'm sure your worker is embarrassed, but she may have bigger problems and need some referrals for personal counsellng.