Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Fired The Dragon Lady

If you spend enough time in business for yourself, you may come across the day when you have to fire a client. In the early days of business this is not an option as you will most likely need every client you can get however as you build you will see a day when you can pick and choose who you do business with. This is always a great feeling however there are times when you really have to stop and weigh the impact your business will take because of it.

I fired my biggest customer today. Dragon Lady will never again drive me crazy with her bs ramblings. The situation had reached the point that none of my workers wanted to work a job associated with her and was causing internal problems for me. At this point I weighed my options, I know this will hit the business financially but in the long run it will allow me to focus on my customers that are not a pita. I will still be moving forward with my goals and even though it may take a little longer to reach, Dragon Lady did not make my business nor can the loss of her account break it.I control my destiny and am looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.

R.I.P Dragon Lady


ozzieblackcat said...

I recently had to "fire" a customer who was also a 'dragon lady'. Sometimes we have to learn to get along without difficult people and things usually work out better anyway. They did for me.

De said...

I know, I'm in sales. And each customer that stays on the books makes me money, so I want to keep them all as they affect my pay for at least one year. But sometimes, when you feel you have to babysit someone that is grown, it's just not worth it in the long run. You could be servicing reliable clients or adding new ones with the amount of time you take with a "dragon lady".
Good for you saying "So long" to her!

pizzatherapy said...

We've heard about the dragon Lady and honestly, we are sick of her negative attitude. There is no way she will ever be satisfied. now she will be someone else's headache!
Congratulations. Customers like that only suck your energy and bring you down. Onward and upward.
Albert Grande's Blog

Brian Hawkins said...

I put up with a 'dragon lady' for months and she was a FREE member of my membership site. I ended up deleting her account and banning her IP address. I simply couldn't take another complaint. She was a nightmare. I wouldn't in a million years think I would do that but I guess some people just bring out the worst in us. I completely relate to all of you.

El Gato Negro said...

I'm about to cut ties with my now to be ex-business partner. I saw it coming a few months after he invested in equipment. I should have resolved the issue from the get go. Now I will lose the equipment but I will gain my creative freedom again. Sometimes you got to kill the monster when its young it all matters of business.

K. Fields said...

Running your own business is quite hard enough already without someone making you feel frustrated all the time!
Business owners are sometimes forced into situations where they have to do what is best for the company.
They can only go so far with the customer is always right..Motto!
Becauses when the customer is "giving you the business" (destroying peace of mind, and business moral) more they they are good for the business ($$$) it is time for them to go!

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

Business is business and not a social benefit. Howver some people in my experience who should be shown the door remain solely because of their dominant personilty.

Many get promoted not because of anything other than a cowardly way of getting rid of them.

Amber said...

Congrats! I just quit my I know well that feeling of liberation! :)

Take care!

Kevin said...

Good for you!!! Addition by subtraction.

mimi11460 said...

Good luck to your tough decision, firing that dragon lady, wish you can get a replacement soon..

Viqi French said...

I hope you told the Dragon Lady why you were showing her the door. Unfortunately people like that just don't get it unless enough people make it clear how painful they are to deal with -- and that no one will choose or like her.

Bravo for you for protecting the people who stick by and work for you!