Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Did Dragon Lady Have A Sex Change?

I know I mentioned our Final Walk through on Monday and while everything my crews had done got the O.K. the conversations since then have made me start wondering if the Dragon Lady has had a sex change. No less than 20 additional items I brought to the contractors attention on Day 1 of this job and was told to not worry about them because he would either have his people do them or they weren't covered for repair under the insurance because they were not fire damaged items were all thrown at me. All of these items could have and should have been repaired prior to other phases of this job.

Today I finally managed to get down to the last thing, we had skim coated the hallway walls (after painting, reverse order for those of us that know) and were waiting for the mud to dry so we could apply touch up paint. Anyone that has ever done this can tell you that waiting for mud to dry is a long wait so I told my crews to knock off and I would return to finish the job.

Job Superintendant -"Where are your guys going?"

Me - "I'm sending them home and I'll return and sand and do the touch up paint after the mud has dried "

Job Superintendant - "You can't do that"

Me - "Excuse me"

Job Superintendant - "Doug will have a fit if he stops by and your people aren't here"

Me- "Doug will get over it, I'm not keeping my guys on the clock to watch mud dry"

Job Superintendant - "O.K. go ahead and I'll try to cover for you but hurry back"

Me - "First of all, I have no need to be covered for, If Doug has a problem, tell him to call me and I'll explain to him that his deciding at the last minute to do items that I pointed out on Day 1 already has my crew more than a little upset, they don't mind doing them but half this stuff has created additional work for us because it wasn't done in the right order. My guys do have a life."

Job Superintendant - OK , also when you get back, Doug wants you to make sure the last unit that has been gutted is clean so they can lay carpet today"

Me- "What???"

Job Superintendant - "He has carpet men coming this afternoon"

Me - "You're telling me he wants to lay carpet in a unit that has no drywall up on any of the studs?"

Job Superintendant - "Yup, I know it's moronic but he is the boss"

Me - ...And does he realize how worthless the new carpet will be after sheet rock mud lands all over it during finishing, or over spray when it gets painted?"

Job Superintendant - "So you think I should talk to him about canceling the carpet?"

Me - "Uh... Yeah!"

Where do they find such people and why do I always end up subbing for them?

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SBA said...

I'm sure I left a comment on this post when it came out, because I remember the funny title. I don't see an email to contact you, so I'll try again. Consider this a test. If it works you can delete the comment and maybe add a contact form?