Sunday, August 31, 2008

Whats Your Dream?

I have always heard that if you open a business you should try to follow your heart and do what you love. When you find that one thing you would do for free just because you love it, you can almost guarantee success. This is not always possible due to monetary reasons, lets face it, some businesses are more expensive than others to open. I think thats where most people make the mistake of giving up on their dreams.

Being a contractor is not my dream and never has been. I just saw contracting as something I was qualified for and as a stepping stone to making more money as I chase after my true dream. I recognized that there was no way to achieve what I really wanted to do with an hourly job so I began to look into ways to earn more quicker and so far it has worked in my favor. To be honest though, I find it to be a headache most of the time, the money is even getting where it doesn't excite me anymore. Although closer than what it once was, I see my dream still a few years away. I simply do what I have to now so I can do what I want to later.

Some days are harder than others to remain focused on what I want and there are more than a few days I even start wondering if any of this is worth it. Time will tell I suppose, until then I will keep my head up and my eyes on the prize.

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