Sunday, August 3, 2008

Time Management

Managing your time properly can be one of your greatest allies when it comes to business, whether online or off. As I usually have more than a few things going on at once I have found that while multi-tasking is a wonderful thing, to truly succeed at anything there has to be time devoted to concentrating on one thing at a time.

I have found that with so much on my plate, distractions occur all the time, usually these distractions come in the form of an idea that will hit me out of the blue for one of my other projects I have going and I have in the past gotten so entangled in the idea that I completely forgot what I was working on getting done until later when it became a problem. For times like this I have learned to carry a notebook that I can make a short notation in to explore the idea further.

I have also set up scheduled after hours times for each of my current side projects with regular work hours being solely devoted to my business and its expansion. Time management does not prevent me from having several different projects going on at once, it actually allows me the ability to focus and bring them all forward. I still believe it is possible to do many things and do them all great.


Gerri said...

Time management is something that people need to have. Life is getting busier and busier for not just me but everyone around me and trying to juggle everything around is becoming that much harder. I find it hard to but there are times when I have been focused enough and managed my time well enough to get things done. This is not always the case though. Trying to find a good work life balance is a bit difficult especially with a young family I love to spend time with. My employer recognises this and is taking steps to get people into time management courses which will be a big big help. Good luck to you.

Miguel Wickert said...

Hey, I agree! Much of college or business is time management. I knew of people who failed college because time management or lack there of. It's not easy but a skill that should be developed over time and much practice.

Ed Sykes said...

Time is a more precious commodity than money. Once you waste time, you will never get it back. Master your time and you will accomplish far more than 98% of people. Plus you will achieve a fuller, richer, and less stressful life.

Linda Morton said...

I've read research indicating the multi-tasking doesn't really save time, because in doing two or more things at once, you aren't focusing on any of them.

I do much better and get my work done faster if I concentrate on one task at a time. Otherwise I get distracted and waste time trying to get back to where I was before.

Linda Morton said...

As business owners, we have to budget our time just like we budget our money. Both are limited.

I've been looking recently at ways that I can become more efficient. Just saving a few seconds on a repetitive task can add up to hours over a year.