Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Earn Extra Cash for Your Emergency Fund !

With regard to my advice of saving an emergency fund for hard times, there are many ways you can add money to that. From taking odd jobs to blogging there is money to be made if you just look around you and see the possibilities. I myself place Google ads on my blogs and while they are not a huge source of income for me, every little bit helps. Other bloggers choose to use Kontera links, and even more choose PayPerPost and ReviewMe ,which I also use on my ProBlogReviews site. While Google will punish bloggers for paid reviews by lowering page rank which is evident as ProBlogReviews has just today slipped from a PR3 to a PR0, the money can still be quite good and easy to make. It is up to the individual blogger as to what he/she hopes to achieve. I choose money over PR (Sorry Google).

Other ways people make extra cash for their emergency fund include domain selling, Inbox Dollars, and a host of paid survey sites. Treasure Trooper is the one I like best and would vouch for in an instant. While none of the ways I mentioned will make you rich, it is possible to earn a few hundred extra dollars a month and when you get down to it, that few hundred extra could be all you need to start building your emergency fund with. Whatever course of action you decide to take, remember to save. People too often find that increased pay means increased spending so remember to budget, watch your spending, save what you can, and slowly you will start to see financial stability in your life. Bad money habits are not learned overnight and unlearning them can take even longer so keep your eyes on the prize and Good Luck to you all.


Ann said...

I would like to know more about Treasure Trooper before I try to sign up for it. Please? :)

brad said...

good paid survey sites are kind of hard to find. there's some more information about choosing a good one available in this report, "Three Easy Ways You Can Earn Extra Money Today"