Sunday, March 30, 2008

Is The Internet On Crack?

A few days ago I posted about Loaning Money to Family and Friends , since then I have caught nothing but flack in my comments and I have tried to make a case there. It appears to not be working so I am going to once again attempt to explain things to my readers that may be a little slow or sucking on a crack pipe. I have at no time ever stated that you should not feed a hungry person, nor have I said you should see family or friends homeless. I would never advise anyone to do anything like that. However, there are just as many times, if not more when saying "NO" to someone attempting to borrow money from you is the right thing to do. Would you loan money to a crack head to pay his rent after he just blew all his pay on rock? How about an alcoholic whom you have never seen sober in 5 years? What about your friend with the gambling habit, sure he's just down on his luck and the next poker game will be his big win? Maybe you can overlook your friends brand new Hummer when he mentions his rent is late and he just needs a small loan?Never mind thats the same excuse he gives you every month.

These are all people that need to get their life straight and the sad thing is most of them never will as long as they have people saving their asses. Sometimes you just have to let a person fall down because they have to hit rock bottom before they begin to realize change must take place.

One of my readers has said anyone that would not help family is either

1. "those that resent their own family because they were never helped"

2."cheap arse tight wads just using excuses not to help"

3."they don't generally like the person who is asking for help"

4."greedy S.O.B. who won't help unless they get back something much bigger"

I would like that same reader to please tell me what category I would fall into in each of the above named circumstances for saying "No".


Tim Welch said...

I totally agree with you. Some people just need to take responsibility for their finances, or lack there of. The universal laws of money (the soul of money) is serving other people. When people know how to make their own work, get off their butts and quit whining, the world will be a much better place! If someone wants to borrow money from me it's with interest or they have to mow my grass or clean my gutter or something. What's in it for me? is what I ask.

I would do them the same courtesy if I needed money. I would do some work for them and get paid for work.

meg said...

People who can't grasp this concept have probably never had the unfortunate opportunity.
Saying no doesn't mean you're heartless or greedy, it means you care. Pushing someone down the wrong road can actually show a lack of caring.

WAHM Tara said...

I am there with you and agree totally! I learned a long time ago that you can not loan family and friends money!

You will never see your money again and then they think any time they are irresponsible you will be there to bail them out.

I have loaned so much money to my family and friends it is ridiculously and have never saw any of it back. I work as hard as the next to make my money and I had to learn to be responsible with it, so they need to learn it as well!

The last time I loaned someone money she called me three days later to tell me she just bought a new bedroom suit. Now that was the same girl who called me becuase her electricity was getting cut off and needed money to pay it!

The Commentator said...




Azure Islands Designs said...

Oh my goodness...I'm with you...I learned may years ago never to lend money to certain people...and not because I wouldn't get it back, but because those people then became dependant on borrowing money instead of earning their own keep!!! I don't consider myself heartless...H