Sunday, March 9, 2008

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs think differently than most. When most people are looking around in their daily lives, they see a multitude of problems, an entrepreneur sees the same problems and starts thinking of how to capitalize on them. Lets face it, where there is a problem people want solved, there is money for the person that can provide the solution.

I once worked for a siding company and one day the owner showed up at a house we were working hard to finish. As he approached, my foreman yelled out "what are you doing here? You don't know how to side!" to which the owner replied "Thats right, I don't know how to side, but I do know how to hire guys that do know how"

Here he was, owner of a siding company that was pulling in more than a million a year, and he didn't have the first idea how to do the job but he saw a problem (people wanted quality work at low costs) and he manipulated the numbers in his favor to insure himself a profit while at the same time solving their problem. Thats the true way an entrepreneur thinks. Instead of saying "I Can't" an entrepreneur will always look for a way to achieve the objective (solve the problem) and at the same time turn a profit.

The first step to thinking like an entrepreneur is to decide right now to eliminate negative thinking from your life, quit looking at the problem and start looking for the solution.


Jack Payne said...

I've always regarded myself as an entrepreneur. Over my long working career I have launched 6 publishing companies. My guiding light was always a little bit different. It was governed by finding a vacuum and filling it.
Thus, I always came up with "firsts." All six of my start-up ventures were "firsts" in their market niche. I always left the crumbs for the tag-alongs and Johnny-come-latelies.

Say what you will about all the elements that go into making an entrepreneur, but, for me, "finding a void and filling it," is number one.

mousewords said...

One of my favorite quotes states: "It is not a problem, it is a cleverly disguised opportunity."

One's point of view is the most important tool in achieving success. With a positive attitude, a person can do anything!

Best of luck to you in your goals!

Alexander said...

Great blog and great advise! "Not thinking negative" is huge! Thanks for the reminder!