Friday, March 14, 2008

The Importance Of Setting Goals

In an earlier post I discussed how you should set a specific goal of where you want to be in 5 or 10 years and now I want to reiterate the importance of setting goals. Consider your goal as being your destination on a sometimes long tedious trip, it may not be easy to reach but without knowing where you are going, you are sure to get lost and just like a trip, it requires forward movement on your part.

The Goals you set for yourself should be realistic or you lessen your chances of ever seeing them turn into a reality. Don't simply say "I want to save $100,000" if you have absolutely no savings to start with. Start with a smaller number, for instance $5,000, and you will be able to see the start and finish. After you reach $5000 you may say "that wasn't so hard, I think I'll try to make it $10,000 since I'm halfway there already" As you reach each milestone, be sure to take a moment to celebrate a small victory before continuing on your journey to the next milestone.

Whatever your goal is, remember it may take time to reach but you can do anything you can dream as long as you map out your route from start to finish, stay focused on your goal, and accept that there will be pitfalls along the way. Nothing worth having comes easy.


livefree said...

Goal setting is important. Once I started setting goals and keeping them I started seeing results in my life that I consider favorable.

Nice Article

ozzie said...

" map out your route from start to finish" My brother was also talking about having a map in his most recent article.

Good motivating article for those of us who are just starting out with blogging.