Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Regain Your Motivation

Well, You have mapped out your goal and have actually started working towards it, now how do you stay focused enough to make that goal a reality? What can you do when your motivation starts to wane and you just want to quit?

To answer those questions you have to first ask yourself "How important is this goal to me and will I be mad at myself if I fail to acheive it?" The answer to that question may not be enough to regain your motivation but it will let you know how badly you want to continue towards your goal. After that it is really up to yourself to continue to work towards accomplishing what you started, nobody can do it for you. You may still find yourself lacking the drive to continue however in these situations I suggest you take a deep breath and remember what made you set that as your goal in the first place and then just forcing yourself to take whatever action is necessary to continue forward movement.

Goals are not always easy to reach and you will get discouraged but if you take things one step at a time, You Can Do It! The only thing that can stop you is you!

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