Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sometimes The Impossible Is Possible

Today was very trying. I had one of my biggest clients wanting me to fax a certificate of insurance to them, I immediately called my agent and was told that after 3 months with insurance on my business, the underwriters had still not provided a certificate of insurance. This was not good, I was stuck between a client threatening to drop me if I failed to provide this certificate before close of business today and an insurance agent that was so inept, he was telling me it couldn't be done.

I then called my insurance companies corporate office where the conversation went pretty much the same until I calmly asked them that if they couldn't do what I needed done would they run some numbers for me really fast. I must have confused the girl on the other end because she immediately said yes. I then began to ask her to figure out just how much money I would be suing them for when their inability to provide a service I had already paid for cost me a $150,000 a year contract.

I had the certificate of insurance in my clients hands 5 minutes later via fax.


Dwayne said...

Insurance companies are a pain in the butt. It does not take 5 seconds to fax a binder yet it takes most people a days work to get it done.

pizzatherapy said...

Sounds like you just made them an offer they could not refuse.
great advice. You hit them where it really hurt: in their pocketbook.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Insurance companies are only as good as the peron at the other end of the phone...sometimes the wrong person is handling the insurance agent is the best...the company I dealt with before this one sounds like the one you deal with...that is why I don't deal there anymore!!! H

ncarey said...

Great story, I love it.

It's funny, we get so used to bad service. I asked my accountant's office to send me copies of my old returns for my bank. Sher did it while I was on the phone got it in a couple of minutes via e-mail. I was floored by the great service.

HMMM youe given me an idea for a post on my blog. Thanks!