Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Win $50 Cash Money!

We all love a good contest and we all love the thought of free money so in keeping with blogosphere traditions, I thought it was time for me to launch my very own contest. I am giving any blogger that enters a chance to win $50 via paypal. Winner will be chosen and announced on Monday May 19th, that gives everyone almost a full month to get their entries in. Contest rules are simple.

To Enter You Must:

1. Subscribe to my RSS Feed

2. write at least 50 words spreading word of this contest to others in the blogosphere.

3. Your post must contain a link back to this post.

4. Announce your entry into this contest by commenting below and leaving me a link to your post as described in rule #2.

5. The winner agrees to announce his or her win in their blog as soon as the $50 is paid.

The Winner will be chosen by myself after reading all post entries, Good Luck To All Participants.


Dwayne said...

I have also signed up for you feed. Maybe I will be the lucky one and win. I cannot believe that I am the first to sign up though.

A Contest Blog by valmg said...

I blogged your contest on A Contest Blog at http://acontestblog.com/index.php/2008/entrepreneur-life-50-contest/
Good luck

Michelle said...

hi, just got your link from other blogger. :)

Indo said...

Nice Contest.
Blogged at :

Naveen said...

Here are my words about the contest I just linked about the contest on my site


Kris said...

Subscribed to your feeds. Here's my blog entry:



Crissy said...

subscribed and linked...


Nadine said...

http://buhbyepounds.blogspot.com/2008/04/enter-to-win-50-on-519.html. It cut off the link probably, but its my latest post. :) Thanks for the opportunity.

Mr Nice Guy said...

Hi! Subscribed today. I shall return to submit my post URL. Thanks

balidreamhome said...

I did my subscription and posting about the contest, please follow the link to have a check,



Lynda Lippin said...

My post is up! Thanks for a great and fun contest.

Easy $50 Blogging Contest


Joshua said...


my entry is posted and i'm subscribed to your feed, good luck to everyone.

Phoebe said...

hi. you have a great blogging contest here. i enjoyed writing this post to join. http://thebabyinbetween.blogspot.com/2008/04/baby-in-between-joins-blogging.html

thanks for the opportunity.

Nancy said...

I posted with my full efforts. I did my job with my full efforts. here is is the link


where I posted and I've also seen in stats that I'm getting traffic on my post.

Hope you liked it :)

online market said...

hi, interesting contest, i just subscribed to your feed and blogged this at:


KCee said...

Hi! Great contest! I already subscribed to your feed and blogged about it HERE. :)

Bunny B said...

I've subscribed to your feed via reader. HERE's my blog entry!
Hope I win :) Thanks!

Admin said...

Hi! i subscribed the feed in google reader and blogged here:
Good luck everyone

Lubel said...

Hi Mr. Logan, I subscribed to the feed of "Entrepreneur Life" feed through my live bookmark. The URL of my entry is


I really appreciate your contest.

gLf said...

Great contest! here my post.
Also subscribed by mail.

Make Money w/ Gusher said...

Hi there pal, I'm joining this contest of yours. :)

I've subscribed to your feeds through Google Reader and blogged about your contest. You can visit the link here:


Thanks. Hope I'll win this one. Your blog contest was the first online blog contest that I've featured on my Money Making Blog. :)

Make Money w/ Gusher said...

Your blog contest post was posted here:

Win $50 At Entrepreneur Life's Blog Contest

The contest link on my comment above was not that readable.


Anonymous said...

i blogged about your contest in


thanx for the chance!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I blogged about it here:




cathara said...

i subscribed(google reader)!

and heres my entry

hhmm.. my latest post actually.

thank you! for having this contest :D


betty R. said...

enter me please..signed up on feeder,be glad to post if win,got you added to blog tonight and commented...thanks for the kickin contest!


Jordan Pearce said...

Please consider adding "subscribe by email" for your RSS.

Usually I pass up most blogs that don't offer email subscription.

Since I'm an entrepreneur and marketer I thought you had some interesting posts.

I did subscribe and I'll post soon.

Make it easier to subscribe and add email RSS. :)

Take care.

Jordan Pearce said...

Go to Feedburner and go into your Entre. Life account and it should be under "publicize" to add an email subscription widget.

Let me know if you need more help. :)

You can email me at jordan@urbanwrit.com

All my sites have email RSS so you can check them out. :)

Jordan Pearce said...

Here is your contest link from my site. :)

$50 Pay Pal Contest at Entrepreneur Life

Roy said...


Subscribed and posted in my blog.

I could use that $50!

I sure hope you haven't chosen your winner yet.



Mary_Freebies said...

When does this contest end?

Joe Smith said...

Hi, I signed up for your feed and followed all contest rules, I hope... I apologize for my inexperience, I'm new to the world of blogging.

Want to win $50?

Naveen Reddy said...

I Have signed up for your feed. Here is my link http://www.95pj.com/contests/win-50-in-cash.html I hope today is the last day to enter into the contest

Riyanne said...

my entry :)


Riyanne said...



牛五花Orange said...